​​​Corporate driving event support and management 

is designed for dealer manufacturers who wish to boost sales by providing potential buyers or existing customers the opportunity to drive their vehicles in an off road environment. Our instructors will attend at your chosen venue and will take your clients out on track in one of your vehicles showing them the true potential of the vehicle, our instructor will demonstrate various aspects in relation to comfort, acceleration, braking and handling, our instructors are experienced in both instructing and demonstrating the capabilities of various vehicles and are also highly experienced in customer relations ensuring that your client has the highest level of customer care. 

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At Prestige Vehicle Instruction we offer several types of driving tuition and advice, we can provide you with on road tuition showing you how to drive your vehicle according to the system of car control. This type of tuition is designed for owners of supercars or high performance vehicles who want to enhance their driving skills and get the best from their performance vehicle. You will be shown advanced driving techniques and how to drive in an assertive safe manner without being aggressive. Advanced driving tuition will teach you how to anticipate the movements of other road users well before the need to react to their movements, you'll be shown the importance of observational links and how to read the roadway ahead. As well as being shown what you should be looking out for, we will show you how to drive your vehicle in a controlled manner and how to negotiate rural roads whist keeping the vehicle as stable as possible. 

Whilst we specialise in high performance vehicles, we also offer tuition for various types of vehicle ranging from small city cars to light goods vehicles, if you're looking to build confidence when it comes to every day driving situations or you're struggling to get back behind the wheel after having been involved in an accident, then get in touch and one of our instructors will be more than happy to offer advice.

​​​​Company driver assessments

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We currently supply instructors for supercar drive day experiences, we have several clients who organise public events giving members of the public the opportunity to drive a supercar either on a private track or on the public road. Our experienced instructors have qualifications including current certified high speed advanced drivers, certified security escort drivers, Dvsa approved driving instructors and British motorsport association racing licence holders.

All of our instructors have experience instructing and driving various prestigous vehicles including BMW i8 and M series, Aston Martin DBS , Vanquish and Vantage,

Porsche Boxster , 911 and GT3, Ferrari F430, California and 458, Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan, Audi R8 v8 and v10 plus.  

Certified Advanced Drivers.

At the end of the assessment, our instructor will complete a driver evaluation form which the driver will be required to sign. A copy of the form will be given to the employer, which can then be kept in the employees file for future reference should there be a requirement to discipline or dismiss the employee due to a gross misconduct after having been involved in road traffic collision or after committed a driving offence. As part of the package we offer free assistance and advice to the employer when submitting paperwork and statements to insurance companies after a road traffic collision, we can also offer a professional statement of opinion regarding driving standards which is often required at an employer tribunal, free assistance is offered for a period of 12 months from the date of the driver assessment.  

Approved Driving Instructors

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    Prestige and performance vehicle driving advice and instruction.​

    Company driver assessments.

    Supercar experience and corporate driving events support.

    Learner driver tuition.

Learner driver tuition

​​Areas covered

Edinburgh and Glasgow are our main catchment areas for company driver assessments and corporate assistance however we are flexible when it comes to covering other areas of Scotland.

Contact us via the form below and we'll get back to you by email, or leave a contact telephone number and one of our head instructors will give you a call to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively give us a call and leave your name and number and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Supercar experience and corporate driving events support

Our company driver assessments are designed to offer assistance to employers who rely on having good, safe drivers to carry out their daily business. Most employers are aware of the meaning of corporate manslaughter however are unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to driver training. With the ever increasing " where there's blame there's a claim " culture, employers are under increasing pressure to ensure that their employees are properly trained. All training is carried out using your own vehicle and our instructor will attend at your place of work in order to minimize driver extractions.

Below is an example of one of our training packages

1. Driving licence and eyesight check.

2. Vehicle daily safety check including mandatory lights, oil, water and tyres.

3. 30 minute on road driver assessment, assessing driver attitude and safety.

4. Road Traffic act legislation regarding speeding , seatbelt and mobile phone use.

5. Advice on eco driving and vehicle sympathy. 

Institute of Advanced Motorists


Private Vehicle Instruction                   £30 per hour**

Company Driver Assessments            £50 per single assessment / £40 per driver for multiple assessments**

Corporate driving support                    From £70 per Instructor half day / £130 per instructor full day**

​Learner Driver Tuition                          From £25 per hour

** Terms and conditions apply. Prices shown are dependent on the location of the required assessments / instruction. A small fee may be charged if our instructors are required to travel outwith our catchment area and any extra fees charged will be for the purpose of covering fuel costs and will be charged per round journey, We reserve the right to cancel any assessments or instruction due to adverse weather conditions. A full refund will be given if we cancel any assessments or instruction. If you " the client " choose to cancel the requirement to use our services, then a full refund will be given providing that you inform us at least 48hrs prior to our instructor attending, we may issue a refund if we are informed with less than 48hrs notice, subject to the condition that we have not suffered from any financial loss.     

Prestige Vehicle Instruction​ (Scotland)

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